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About Me.



PhD Expressive Arts in Thearpy

Lesley University, Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.

My studies at Lesley enlarged and illuminated for me the depth and breadth of how engagement in the arts is foundational in our humanity. I now understand art as an epistomology - a way of exploring and learning about ourselves and the human condition.  My dissertation involved qualitative and art based research into how art facilitated the process of forgiveness.  


Masters in Counselling and Spirituality (concentration in couple and family therapy)

St Paul University, Ottawa, ON, Canada 

Spirituality is fundamental to who we are.  Whether we wear it overtly or walk with it covertly, it surrounds us.  With its solid grounding in clinical practice and spiritual significance, this degree prepared me for my work as a psychotherapist as I learned how to hold space for a holistic approach to healing by exploring self-understanding and facilitating healthy relationships and communication.    


B.A. Psychology (minor in religion)
Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

I began my education and exploration into the healing arts within a framework of psychology and religious studies. This degree highlighted research studies in psychology, neurobiology, social sciences, and human development. The psychology of religion, Christian theology, death and dying, and courses on world religion enriched my interest in the discovery of existential meaning.     

About me

Darlene Garner Kuehn PhD, RP Expressive Artist

I consider myself to be a deeply spiritual person. Art is a portal into exploring the spiritual world of meaning, solace, and existential comfort and is accessible to all of us. Our art is as personal and individual to each one of us as our DNA and fingerprints. I would love to provide you with opportunities to explore this unique potential for personal revelation - even if you haven't engaged in art since your childhood!  

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